Janko Matic Adidas / Converse

Adidas / Converse

White paint, Converse trainers, 30 x 18 x 15 cm, 2003.
courtesy of Martin Firrell, Public Artist
LMVH Young Artists’ Prize 2003
Exhibited at Almine Rech gallery 2004

The value (for me) wasn’t in the act of painting ‘Adidas’ lines onto the trainers, it was the recognition of the finalised ‘readymade’ as a potential art piece. I was very fortunate that others (art industry celebrities) also shared the same ‘recognition’. The piece won the LVMH Young Artists Prize in Paris; got me to meet Chiracs and the Louis Vuitton leadership at the Élysée Palace; got me a phenomenal residency (with a studio in Marais and Montmartre); got me to work with Almine Rech @Gallery Almine Rech; and the trainers got the best owner ever.. they’re at my dear friend Martin Firrell’s place in Soho, London.

Janko Matic Almine Rech
Janko Matic Adidas / Converse
Janko Matic Adidas / Converse